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Legal Team


Tiffany Daniels
Client Services Director

University of Washington, MBA

Tiffany Daniels brings a dynamic blend of leadership, client service expertise, and analytical prowess to View Ridge Family Law and Estate Planning as our new Client Services Director. 


Throughout her career, Tiffany has consistently exceeded expectations, building and nurturing strong client relationships across diverse industries.


Her success at SwaddleDesigns, where she managed and grew corporate accounts and spearheaded a nationwide program, exemplifies her ability to understand client needs and deliver exceptional results. Prior leadership roles at Expedia Group, where she tackled complex fraud and risk challenges, further demonstrate her analytical skills and strategic thinking.

Tiffany's fluency in French and Spanish, coupled with her multicultural sensitivity honed through global experiences, positions her perfectly to connect with View Ridge's diverse clientele.  She is passionate about ensuring a smooth and supportive client journey, from the initial contact to seamlessly onboarding with the right attorney for their specific needs.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Tiffany's dedication extends to her personal pursuits. When she's not guiding clients through the legalities of family law and estate planning, you might find her in a hot yoga class or on a road trip in the PNW.


With her impressive qualifications, exceptional communication skills, and unwavering commitment to client service, Tiffany is a valuable asset to View Ridge Family Law and Estate Planning, and a trusted guide for anyone navigating the complexities of family law and estate planning.

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