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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that allows families to address conflict without court involvement. View Ridge Family Law & Estate Planning offers mediation support because we realize how powerful this process can be for families facing conflict.

While many people use mediation to avoid litigation completely, a mediator can be used at any stage of the legal process. The goal is for the parties to reach an agreement on their family law issues and present a written settlement to the court for entry. 

Many people find mediation beneficial because it offers privacy that litigation may not and gives the parties more control over the final decision. Mediation also offers the following advantages:

- More flexibility
- Additional privacy
- Less contentious
- Less costly


Alternative dispute resolutions are required in some cases, so attempting to reach an agreement through mediation will satisfy this requirement.
View Ridge Family Law & Estate Planning provides mediation support and representation for divorces, child custody, child and spousal support, co-parenting disputes, property division, and many other domestic and family law issues. 

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