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Legal Team


Catherine Crusher
Senior Client Services Director

Western Washington University, B.S.

Catherine is a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in delivering exceptional client service. As the Client Services Director at View Ridge Family Law & Estate Planning, Catherine brings her expertise to initial case consultations, having conducted over 1,500 sessions in family law and estate planning since joining our firm. What sets Catherine apart is her unwavering commitment to putting clients at ease during the consultation process, ensuring they feel heard, understood, and supported every step of the way.


Catherine understands that finding and securing legal representation is a crucial process, encompassing everything from the initial contact to onboarding. She views it as a front-end ecosystem that plays a vital role in the subsequent success of a client's case. Catherine places great emphasis on ensuring an optimal onboarding experience, recognizing the significance of starting off on the right foot. She goes the extra mile to ensure clients feel comfortable and confident as they embark on their legal journey.

One of Catherine's greatest strengths lies in clear and concise communication. She recognizes that legal matters can be highly personal, complex, or overwhelming for clients. Therefore, she takes the time to actively listen, understand their unique circumstances, and provide clear options for partnering with our team of attorneys to achieve their desired outcomes.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Catherine finds fulfillment in her personal pursuits. When she's not dedicated to meeting potential clients, you might find her coaching and training in Muay Thai or embarking on adventurous backpacking trips with her teenage son, Indy. Catherine also enjoys weightlifting and exciting home renovation projects alongside her husband, Craig.


With Catherine's extensive experience, exceptional skills, and unwavering dedication, she is not only an asset to the View Ridge Family Law & Estate Planning team but also an advocate for anyone seeking representation. 

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