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CPS Investigation/Appeal a CPS Finding

Family Maternity

Child Protective Services (CPS) is a necessary resource for keeping children safe, but it is fraught with issues and barriers that prevent it from being fully effective. For many families dealing with a CPS investigation, the system seems set up to work against them, neither helping children nor parents. 


View Ridge Family Law & Estate Planning has dealt with countless caseworkers and CPS investigations. We have seen first-hand that parents and families are not always treated with respect, are sometimes denied needed services, and have had their rights violated by the CPS system. 

Going through an investigation or appealing a CPS finding alone is not recommended because Washington law and CPS regulations are complex. The results of an encounter with CPS can range from losing your child forever to the foster care system to being barred from volunteering at your child’s school.


We advocate for parents and families when they are at their lowest points. Even the possibility of losing your children is devastating, so we advocate for our clients to receive the services and justice they deserve in their CPS cases.

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