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Mackenzie was very professional, and kept me informed every step of the way. So easy to work with and her staff is very helpful as well. Always returned calls or correspondence promptly. She made what might have been a very unpleasant process almost a delight! I could not be happier with her or her work ethic. And she won my case! I would absolutely hire her again 100%.

I hired Nathan  to represent me during the battle for my daughter custody. He did such an amazing job that we were granted 50/50 custody on the first day on court and is been success after success every time we have to go to court. I have to say that Nathan and everyone working in the firm exceeded my expectations and go above and beyond to achieve your legal goals. They do an amazing work.

- Luis

I am dealing with a dependency/cps case involving my grandson. After hiring three separate lawyers throughout this case. I was starting to feel a little discouraged. Thank God I found Hillary. She has came in with an unbiased opinion and listened to what I had to say. She has been the only lawyer that has done anything positive in this case so far. Before hiring her I had almost lost hope in getting my grandson back. I only had a 5% chance of winning this case. Now that she has taken my case my chances have skyrocketed. To the point I have hope again.

- Alice

Mackenzie has been working on my case since 2011. She has always kept me informed if if I was unreachable she always made sure to communicate with me. While working with her she always gave me both sides of the story, along with how she planned it to go. She has always reached goals and plans she set for the case and has always reached them for me. Great attorney I strongly recommend!

- Mike

Nathan has been wonderful handling my legal separation/divorce. Through a very stressful situation he's been a fantastic listener, great with strategy, totally on top of all aspects of the case and excellent at keeping me informed and my case on track. I've already referred a friend to him for representation and would highly recommend him to anyone as both a top notch attorney and compassionate human being.

- Veronica

"Mackenzie is an amazing collaborative lawyer. She helped me from the beginning to the end and and beyond the process. She always maintained a level hand and steady advocacy. Divorce is an emotionally driven event to helps to have a lawyer who can both empathize while advocating and working to shorten the process. I was recommended to her by a friend and would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce or in need of family law.

 - John

I hired Nathan to represent me in my divorce case. Throughout this year-long process I was getting an exceptional legal advice and guidance. I found him to be experienced, knowledgeable and very responsive. He was always taking into consideration all my concerns. He came up with a perfect strategy that worked out in the end. We were able to avoid court fees by resolving this matter through mediation. Highly recommend!

 -  Kate

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