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Divorce & Child Custody Disputes


We understand that divorce is never easy.

Navigating the court process can be difficult, and navigating the life transitions and emotional process of divorce can be even more difficult. Likewise, navigating the creation of a parenting plan for children can be tricky and emotionally charged.

Our goal is support and guide you through the process.

Our attorneys bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to lead you through what can be one of the most difficult life transitions.

You can get a jump start by having the following information ready to provide to your attorney:

  • Your (and your spouse’s) most recent paystub and tax returns (with W-2's) for the last two years.

  • If you own real estate, bring copies of your deed, mortgage statements, real estate contracts, and any other pertinent documents.

  • Any descriptions of job benefits provided by employers, for both spouses.

  • Pension, profit sharing, and retirement information, including yearly statements showing value of interest in the plan, and a copy of the plan summary.

  • Life, disability, and health insurance policies (policy numbers, name and address of company, cash surrender value, and name of beneficiary).

  • Current bank statements, savings passbooks, stock certificates, bonds, and savings certificates;

  • A list of current debts (charge accounts, dental, hospital, or doctor bills, furniture payments, etc.). Include what the bill is for and when the last payment was made.

  • If you own your own business, bring the business income and B & O tax records;

  • Any written community property agreement you have with your spouse.

  • Social security numbers of the parents and the children.

  • Health care premium costs broken down per family member.

  • A copy of your Driver’s License or ID.

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