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Estate Planning

Three Generations

Estate planning is invaluable for securing the assets you’ve worked so hard for and ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of after you pass away. Most people need more than just a will. A comprehensive estate plan includes several documents that are to be used during life… because you should be in control of what happens to you, your kids, your money, your health, and your legal decisions.

An estate plan is created to manage assets and debts upon death or disability and to make arrangements for potential medical events like incapacitation. Essentially, estate planning allows you to control how your medical care is handled in the future, what happens with your property, and who your beneficiaries will be. 

At View Ridge Family Law & Estate Planning, we help our clients create the ideal plan for their specific circumstances, including the following estate planning tools:

- Last will and testament
- Power of attorney
- Health care directive
- Trusts
- Emergency Protection Plans for Minor Children
- Community Property Agreements
- Relationship Agreements


Protecting your legacy and safeguarding your family’s future are always worth the effort. This is especially true when you work with View Ridge Family Law & Estate Planning because we make estate planning simple. Our effective 3 step process will help you get your estate plan on time and off your to-do list.
When you want the peace of mind that an estate plan provides without the hassle of doing it yourself, contact us for a plan tailored to your unique needs. 

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