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What is a sign it may be time for a divorce?

Have you reviewed your estate plan lately?

Let's talk about navigating open adoption

This is the MOST important estate planning document. 💸

The BIGGEST mistakes people make when getting divorced. 🫢

Thinking about adding your child to the deed?

The difference between a Will and a Trust...

How long does it take to get divorced?

Does your spouse have to cheat on you in order to get a divorce?

Can my house be placed into my revocable living trust if it has a mortgage attached to it?

Do I need an estate plan?

Did you know that the state provides prenups for people?

Have there been any recent changes to estate planning law?

Here are a couple of reasons why someone may want to use “our children” in court proceedings instead of “my children.”

Protect your hard-earned RSUs in a divorce

Curious about the ins and outs of divorce trials?

Are prenups just for people who want to protect assets in a divorce?

When a family member dies, what do I do?

Three reasons why you need an estate plan.

Your divorce will NOT be a secret.

What happens if someone sues my trust?

Will my divorce be 50/50?

Is there a catch in creating a revocable living trust?

Are you thinking about getting married?

What does it mean to fund your revocable living trust?

Did you know? Committed Intimate Relationships (CIRs) in WA offer property for unmarried couples.

Updating my estate plan as my kids grow older

What does a Will look like? 📝

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