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New Year, New Year, Fresh Beginnings

If you are in a lousy marriage, you have the option of divorcing. But the fear of the unknown is often harder to accept than the current situation. Many people would rather be unhappy than take the leap to write their next life chapter.

If this is you, then you are not alone. People stay in bad marriages because they don’t want to upset their children, potentially lose their friends, home, and money. Because just the thought of divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, we want to ease that fear by explaining what the start of the process may look like.

Our intention is not to encourage people to leave their marriages. We want to assist those who know that dissolution of their marriage is the right choice but are afraid to initiate the process.

The Marital Home & Monthly Bills

Being financially tied to a home is why people choose to stay in failing relationships. If you decide to leave your marriage, then where will you live? Will the money you earn go towards mortgage payments for a home you aren’t living in? How will we divide up our monthly expenses? These are all issues that can be worked through with an experienced attorney.

If you are the one asking your spouse to move out of a home you share, then you should know that you cannot immediately force the person out—not unless domestic violence is a factor. And if the shoe is on the other foot and you are being asked to leave, don’t make a rash decision to leave your home too quickly. In either case, the transition can be made easier through thoughtful planning and guidance.

The reasoning behind this is that you want to preserve your rights to use of the home. If you leave, it will be challenging for you to move back in. The solution is to speak to your family law attorney before moving out of the house. You will then discuss an appropriate exit strategy.

Losing Benefits

Another concern is losing benefits gained through a marriage—such as health care. Not only is the cost a concern, but the financial risk of living without it is too severe.

In the King and Snohomish County areas, there is a standard regarding your health insurance. There will be an automatic restraining order prohibiting changes to the insurance policies after someone petitions for a legal separation or divorce, in most cases. The point is that you have time to meet with your attorney, discuss your concerns while still maintaining your coverage and address issues with the court, if necessary.

Parenting Arrangements

Many people are afraid of losing time with their children. While it is true that parenting arrangements will change through a divorce or separation, there is a process for creating interim parenting arrangements to provide for the best interests of the children. Temporary Parenting Plans can be entered with the court through discussion and advocacy in order to provide routine and structure for the children through this transition. Children thrive when they are removed from conflict. We help families create a new normal with guidance and care.

At the Law Offices of Mackenzie Sorich, we encourage our clients to be the best versions of themselves during their most challenging times. Our approach is to be respectful while figuring out we can protect your rights and family. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 206-336-9195

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