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How To Find Your Own Independence and Peace of Mind

Every July, we recognize and celebrate our country’s freedom and independence. The same is not true, unfortunately, for the lifestyle of many of its citizens in more ways than one. For those trapped in unhappy marriages, freedom and independence are long-forgotten memories. So how do you find them again? How can you create the life you deserve?

If you are trapped in a relationship that is stifling and limiting you, you have probably at least thought about divorce in the back of your mind. It may seem like an impossible option. It isn’t. Don’t let your spouse create unhealthy or false narratives that keep you stuck in an unsatisfying relationship. If you have children, getting a divorce is even more important to free your family from learning and suffering from unhappy dynamics in your marriage.

At the Law Offices of Mackenzie Sorich, PLLC, we know that getting a divorce is not an easy decision to make. It can be terrifying facing the uncertainty of the divorce process and not knowing what your life will look like after the fact. If you keep doing the same things in your life and they make you miserable, that is a sure sign that you need to make some changes. Getting a divorce is a leap of faith, and we know how hard it can be to take that first step.

You should know upfront that it is going to suck for a while while you are going through the divorce. There are ways to make the process quicker and easier, and we will always advise you of those options, but it just is a tumultuous and difficult time. You have to push through to create a peaceful life for everyone in your family. It will be better on the other side.

We try to create certainty for you as soon as possible by creating Temporary Orders at the start of the divorce process. These Orders will create temporary solutions for common questions like who pays the bills, who uses the car, and what schedule the children operate on. That helps quickly establish a sense of stability as the divorce proceeds.

From there, our next priority is finding a resolution to the divorce. We encourage our clients to accomplish this through mediation, which gives you some personal control over your own outcome. Mediation also tends to be quicker and cheaper than traditional litigation. Going to trial is considered a last resort and usually for those going through particularly hostile and complicated divorces.

If you are stuck in an unhealthy relationship, working with a divorce attorney can help cut yourself free. By the time you get your final notice of divorce, you will be so relieved that it feels like a second chance at life. If you are ready to gain your deserved freedom and independence, contact the Law Offices of Mackenzie Sorich, PLLC today. We know what you are going through, and we are here to help.

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