Nathan D. Julius, Senior Associate Attorney

Oklahoma City University - School of Law - J.D.

Washington State University - B.A.

Nathan joined The Law Offices of Mackenzie Sorich, PLLC in 2016, after having worked in bankruptcy law for five years.  While practicing bankruptcy Nathan developed a unique understanding about real estate law and the complex transactions that occur when law and property sales intersect.  Nathan knows how powerful and rewarding it can be to help people get a fresh start.  Nathan uniquely understands the special issues that families face when dividing debt or are involved in a bankruptcy proceeding while they are in the process of transitioning.

Nathan grew up watching legal dramas with his parents and younger sister.  The law as portrayed on TV really captivated him as a kid. LA LAW, Matlock, Law & Order, and NYPD Blue were favorites.  Most notably though, Nathan loved watching the verdict get handed down in the OJ Simpson trial, considering how aware he was becoming of social justice issues.  Nathan went on to earn three undergraduate degrees: Political Science, Sociology and Criminal Justice before attending law school and is especially keen to support the LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights and women’s rights.

Today Nathan considers it an art form to know when to hold out for judicial intervention and when to compromise.  Nathan knows litigation is risky, but he’s not afraid to take matters into the courtroom when necessary.

Nathan listens to his clients with the goal of helping them make fully informed decisions so they have the best shot at making high quality decisions when the stakes and emotions are high. Nathan believes it’s very important to understand all the potential legal avenues and potential outcomes when making an important legal decision.  Nathan enjoys calmly standing by his clients as they protect themselves and their assets during major life transitions such as divorce and child custody disputes.  He volunteers at the King County Neighborhood Legal Clinic for Debt Defense.

Nathan recently purchased a home that is politely called a fixer-upper. In his spare time, he is indulging in his love of architecture and design and slowly renovating his house.  He is also the proud owner of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy and enjoys traveling and strange and new cuisine.